Since 2011

Technology changes, story doesn't.

Wildlife is a crew of pioneers, charting the unknown and mapping the digital future for those that have the steel to venture into the unexplored and unprecedented.

Future proof stories.

Our tools are constantly evolving, and our audiences embrace new platforms, but our mission always begins with great storytelling.

Our expertise spans strategy, design + production, and technology.

2020 Showreel
  • 2011
    Wildlife Founded
  • 248
    Projects Launched
  • 72
    Brands Elevated
  • 30
    Team Members

Born and raised on digital.

We build experiences that are intuitive, engaging and shareable.

Production is in our nature, so everyone on our team can execute as well as they dream.


Narrative. Platform.


Design. Build. Experience.

Every project starts with tried and true methods, gleaned from the sweat, passion, keyframes, and circuits of projects past. But knowing when to go outside the lines is what allows us to push ourselves, our ideas and our hardware to create powerful experiences.

Be wild. Never settle.

Take those bold steps forward and head into the unknown. If the point is to stand out, then do something different. The New World won’t be discovered with the Old Practices. A crazy idea that sounds impossible? That's where Wildlife was born.