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Battlefield: Hardline 360° Heist

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Thrusting gamers into the heart of Battlefield action with a first-of-its-kind, user controlled, mobile-friendly, 360° degree live action trailer.

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Shooting 360°

Most 360 camera rigs promise a great output but are severely handcuffed by extreme parallax issues that can't be solved in post, can't handle action happening close to the lens or simply can't survive the rigorous demands that our bank heist called for. Wildlife explored many possible solutions before finally landing on the Kogeto Jo, a unique 360 degree camera that was still in its prototype stage. 

By shooting into a single mirrored lens, we could put the camera less than mere feet away from our subjects and still maintain the quality and visibility needed to make users feel like they were in the thick of the action. The rig was augmented with casters, rollers straps and more to stabilize it and allow it to be rolled across the floor, handed off between moving vehicles and worn as a backpack for it's motorcycle getaway.

Our team was on set to supervise the shoot and ensure that all of the technical requirements were being met from a story and platform perspective so that the hard work of the immense cast and crew could be delivered with maximium impact.

Solving Mobile

With more than 70% of traffic to EA's websites coming from mobile devices, we were challenged to find a solution to deliver the interactive, 360 experience directly to mobile phones without requiring users to download an app. Our team devised a first-of-it's-kind approach to utilize WebGL in a unique way to allow us to overcome the challenge. By treating the video as individual frames played in succession, we created a way around the limitations of iOS video players and could create interactive video experiences without the need for an app. The 360 video experience could now use the accelerometer, be swiped in any direction with the user's finger and play right in the web-browswer like a standard desktop experience.

Now that we had our workflow, we had to next sync our frame sequence to a separate audio track in order to ensure sound and picture worked together perfectly. While other vendors said our approach was impossible, our team set out to build sync tests and a rough proof of concept to give our clients the confidence they needed to move forward with this massive, 5-day action shoot across the streets of LA. 


In order to sell the illusion of a single take action sequence, we carefully planned transition points using smoke bombs, tear gas, flash bangs, lighting tracks and other visual elements to help blend our sequences into one seamless sprint.

Once the edit was locked, VFX and graphics were added and final color correction was applied. Extra bullet hits, trace fire, muzzle flashes and even CG money flying through the air all helped intensify the action.

We unrwapped the footage into a panoramic sequence that we then projected inside of a cylinder in digital space. A virtual camera was created, matching our live-action lens data, to give viewers the ability to control their POV and look around the frame at any point in the video.


Our 360° degree live-action trailer generated immense buzz among gamers online and resulted in Battlefield: Heist being the top selling game in the U.S. and UK at launch. Eager players logged more than 30 million sessions and played for 2 billion minutes in the launch quarter helping to extend the success of the Battlefield franchise even further. 

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