Evolve Small

Queen Latifah helps small businesses thrive with the help of an AI-powered video generator.




  • Zeno
  • AI
  • deepfake
  • live action
  • ux/ui design
  • front-end development
  • back-end development
  • direction
  • editorial
  • VFX

Project Overview

The Brief

Lenovo was looking to empower small businesses and highlight their nationwide mentorship campaign with help from the iconic Queen Latifah.

We needed a way to create personalized commercials for every single small business that wanted a shoutout from the Queen herself to promote their business. We used AI deepfake technology to enable any business listed on Google Maps to create their own realistic Queen shout-out and share it with their customers.


Making A Digital Double

With the help of a special shoot, we captured video and audio data that allowed us to create a fully life-like, digital avatar of Queen Latifah.

Wildlife was on set to direct the AI video shoot and capture the audio and video footage needed to create our deepfake model. With our advanced virtual double, we built an AI-powered system that let small business owners enter a few key pieces of information, tap a button and get back a personalized commercial from QL. The generated clips deliver a completely life-like performance for any small business name that meets the criteria, putting a customized spin on this small business initiative only possible through bleeding-edge technology.

Groundbreaking Technology

This was a world’s first execution allowing users to dynamically enter any business name, and have the AI video generated on the fly - a totally interactive and customizable deepfake.

With great power comes great responsibility…. And we didn’t want to let people abuse the system and make Queen say things she would never say in real life. So, we built a robust back-end CMS, allowing a team of moderators to vet each submission and submit approved business to our cloud rendering system that would generate each businesses' video and send the results in a customized email to business owners.

Solving Unique Challenges

The broadcast spot was completed across two days on a volumetric stage, allowing the production to place Queen Latifah in a variety of locations and setups without her ever having to leave New York.

The entire Evolve Small campaign took advantage of the latest technology to highlight Lenovo's support of small business in innovative ways.

Innovative from end to end

From volumetric shoot to an AI-powered digital double.

The breakthrough voice-technology and deepfake tools Wildlife was able to standup allow for a new level of personalization and scale on social and digital projects built around talent and unlock immense possibilities in future implementation.

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