Nonvergence 2021

Stripe's annual global conference transforms into a virtual, collaborative Llamaverse platform.


  • Metaverse
  • Virtual Event
  • Multiplayer
  • 3D
  • Live Stream
  • Design
  • WebGL

Project Overview

The Brief

The annual, all-company Convergence conference is a huge moment for everyone working at Stripe.

In 2021 Wildlife was tasked with conceiving and building a unique and engaging virtual experience that could foster community, collaboration and discovery for all 6,000 of their employees across the globe, host live keynotes and bring the organization together in real-time.


Our Approach

To solve these unique challenges we created a massive WebGL metaverse experience with more than 70 dynamic planets, peer-to-peer communication, user-generated plant growth, spatial audio chat, a tiered XP system, customizable llama avatars & realtime video streams.

The result was a robust virtual platform that surprised and delighted Stripes - part multiplayer video game and part generative universe that served as an incredible digital playground.

Defining the Llamaverse

Inspired by Stripe's unofficial mascot — the.....Llama?

Knowing the Stripe employees would be spending long stretches of time in the virtual world, we were purposeful in creating peaceful, natural spaces that felt calming and engaging. Through voice chat, emojis and text chat, users encountered their Stripe peers and made new connections across the global offices — yielding new collaborations and interactions with teams that would otherwise seldom interact.

As users accessed content through the artifacts, nearby users could see and hear the videos, encouraging shared viewing. The development and evolution of the natural landscape over time was a huge driver in encouraging Stripes to chat, run, jump and play in the Nonvergence 2021 llamaverse.

The Afterparty

Waiting among the incredible destinations was a Secret Disco World requiring a password for access.

Intrepid Stripes discovered their iconic "seven lines of code" engraved in Latin across a few key in-world artifacts. Entering the words in the right order brought users into a vibrant Disco world with three distinct dance floors — and original music mixes from Stripe employees.

Let's just say this world didn't stay a secret for long! Stripes quickly pooled their resources and joined forces to crack the code, turning the Disco Worlds into hotspots for post-conference partying!


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