Fast Family

AI technology puts movie fans in the driver’s seat as part of their favorite crew.


Universal Pictures
  • AI
  • WebGL
  • Front End Development
  • UI Design
  • UGC

Project Overview

The Brief

Fast X, the tenth film in the Fast & Furious Saga from Universal Pictures, invited fans to join the star-studded cast in an AI-powered poster generator that drops users into the driver's seat to assemble their own Fast X Family.

Wildlife partnered with Universal Pictures to fuse storytelling and technology in a breakthrough fan experience for one of cinema's most storied and popular global franchises. The site blends front end style with AI workflows, integrating InitML and Stability AI, makers of Stable Diffusion. The results are striking, personalized posters that feature 3D lighting techniques to give use the same dramatic styling and treatment as the film’s iconic character posters.


Our Approach

The challenge was to find a way to push poster generators to another level, using the latest AI technology. Building off the film's 13 character posters, we developed a workflow that would allow the experience to automatically detect a face, remove the background and generate a depth map from a static image - giving us the power to re-light every submission just like the studio lighting in the posters.

Once a user portrait was isolated, the background removed and a depth map generated, we were able to generate real-time lighting effects and mimic the lighting of each fan's favorite character poster. From there we placed them behind the wheel of a car - matching the composition and visual styling of the high-end posters created for each celebrity talent in the cast.

Creating A Fast Family

Our ambitious sharing flow allowed a user to either generate their own static poster, a custom sizzle video intercut with the cast of Fast X and film footage, or even generate a dynamic, living link that lets friends or family add themselves to the video for a break through multi-user experience - like a digital chain letter.

Tying the experience back to the themes of the movie and series overall was vital: integrating a familial aspect was paramount to the experience's success. So our streamlined SMS flow prompted users to enter a phone number, and are given the option of sending to friends and family. By leveraging your custom link, each new video is integrated with your original video, creating ongoing mash ups with more and more family members added as the link is reproduced and shared wider.

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