Klarna Smoooth Room

A 48-hour, digital shopping pop-up brings Klarna's four easy payments of nothing to America in smoooth fashion.




  • Mirimar
  • front end development
  • back end development
  • contest
  • broadcast
  • strategy
  • ux/ui design

Project Overview

The Brief

What is a Klarna anyway? And how do you introduce a unique payment system and unusually stylish brand to a completely new and culturally different audience?

Through early creative ideations, the creative teams strategized around The 48 Hour Smoooth Room, a boldly visual and funky way to introduce and educate users about the smoooth shopping experience offered by Klarna. Armed with a love of the unusual, our experience with successful contests, and a gallery of free stuff, the 48 Hour Smoooth Room was born and Klarna arrived in the USA with unequivocally Swedish style.

Making It Smoooth

Using the broadcast TV set as inspiration, we set to work, creating elements of the Smoooth Room in 3D, carefully modeling the environment to perfectly match the practical set built and shot in Sweden, furry TV mound and all. From there we expanded on the existing set design to imagine a never-ending Smoooth Room experience with the perfect product pedestals to highlight a wide variety of dope prizes.

To add layers of depth to the interactive version, we created the room in separate layers to create a parallax effect, helping to bring the room to life in a way that felt tactile, responsive and photographic. With clean UX, simple UI, fluid interactions and a gallery full of items, we opened the Smoooth Room, featuring highly chic and coveted products like a Sonos Speaker Set, Pink Fender Stratocaster, Anine Bing Fanny Back and a YETI Tundra Hard Cooler.

The Results

Within 48 hours the site received tons of attention in the fashion and culture press, driving curious and eager users to the Smoooth Room for a chance at some of the internet's hottest items.

After a frenzied two-days of submissions by users, the Smoooth Room closed its shiny pink curtains and a tiny contingent of lucky visitors received their desired prizes. While only a few of the more than 14,000 entrants had their dreams come true, every visitor was able to experience the Klarna app and the joy and smoooth shopping experience of four payments of $0. Smoooth indeed!


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