Midnight Suns Deadpool

To build hype around Deadpool's inclusion in the upcoming Marvel game Midnight Suns, we did exactly what Deadpool would do: deface property and act immature for an entire week.


2K Games
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  • design

Project Overview

The Brief

A fan-engagement campaign was the perfect way to raise hell and drive buzz for Deadpool's first appearance in a video game in almost a decade.

Gamers were anticipating Midnight Suns' supernatural take on some of the most iconic Marvel characters -- but they didn't know the infamous Deadpool was set to debut in the game's first DLC release. We used this secret info to our advantage, centering a campaign around Deadpool rallying fan support to demand his addition to the game. Leaning into Deadpool's unique sense of humor and 4th-wall-breaking abilities, we launched a disruptive social takeover to shake things up ahead of the game's launch.


Our Approach

The #DeadpoolSuns campaign kicked off with a personal appeal from Deadpool to the fans, expressing his shock at NOT being a part of the Midnight Suns. Gasp!

For an entire week, we helped Deadpool take over the game's digital and social channels to get his message out and get the fans behind him. In Deadpool's case that meant everything from funny Tweets and drawing himself into exclusive gameplay, to giving away free game codes and even leaking other characters that hadn't even been announced yet! Our pièce de résistance was Deadpool Doodle Day, an entire day spent crafting responsive, custom-drawings based on fans' reasons why they deserved to be Deadpool's newest sidekick.

Launching the World's Worst (best) Website

The best tech the 90s have to offer!

Fans took notice and made their voices clear. Deadpool announced the good news in a final video - 2K Games was granting his wish and adding him into Midnight Suns! But it would be a while before fans could enjoy him...so he sent them to a special website. In true Deadpool style this so-bad-its-good website features a shiny countdown, eggplant emoji hover-states and gratuitous low-resolution GIFs. Don't forget to sign the Guestbook!

CODA Full Width Image 1

Fan-service at its finest!

Our community-driven response campaign broke the mold and thrilled fans.

Letting Deadpool loose for a wild week drove the highest engagement rate of the entire campaign and sent positive-sentiment soaring as chatter peaked through PR and earned media touchpoints that took notice of our Deadpool takeover.

  • Unique Impressions
  • Positive Campaign Sentiment
  • Social growth

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